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Created 3-Dec-15
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The Victoria House, 38' wide x 48' longAerial shows spectacular setting of WitchwoodWitchwood, side view (62' wide with porch down side}The Witchwood plaque made of wood that washed ashore from Soldiers Creek nearly a century ago.Witchwood on pilingsJosh Fauver operates the new 12-Jack JSJS Unified Hydraulic Lifting MachineEight steel cross beams were used to support Witchwood.Witchwood, front (elevated 42")House is raised 42" inches off of existing foundationWitchwood on pilings (62' wide x 93' long)The Victoria, in the process of being raisedThe Victoria, before elevation View full size View slideshow Random image  640_2303.jpgWitchwood before elevation

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